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Security steel doors for home only from shelldoors.com @ affordable price. Film coated steel doors & Double doors are the popular types of door suitable for theft prone Indian homes

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12 Months Warranty
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70mm Thickness Door

Why Shell Door?

Founded on 2018, Shell Doors is an Indian Security rich Residential steel doors & Windows Supplier. The Company has been started with the intention of Replacement to Wooden Doors. We follow innovation & Honesty as our principle.

Steel Door Specification


Termites Resistant

Fire Resistant

Weather Resistant

Earthquake Resistant

Lesser Weight

Theft Proof

Added Advantage

Multi-Lock System


7-Keys + Die

Free Frame

Lesser Maintenance

Lesser Price & High Resale value

Choose your Door Size

Below Given Measurement's for Wall Clearance
Sizes in Inche's Sizes in MM
Width Height Width Height
30" x 72 770 x 1850
34" x 78 870 x 1990
38" x 81 970 x 2060
40" x 82 1070 x 2090
46" x 81 1170 x 2060
60" x 81 1570 x 2060
72" x 81 1850 x 2060
How to Measure size

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Tremendous Job @ Trichy. I need to thank the technician for the complete guidance through out the installation period



I have purchased 5 steel Doors from Shell Doors. Their Steel doors quality are best in that industries. Installation also at right time with trained technician. I am 1000% satisficed and recommend all to buy Shell Doors for safety.

Selva Raj


Great choice on these type of doors. All my questions are perfectly answered through door quality.

Rosy Stephen


Commendable Customer Service & Elegant Door Designs" is your Biggest Positive

Rajesh Kumar


Really a Fantastic door design for my home. For termites problem I found a permanent solution

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