Why Shelldoors?

Steel doors and windows from Shell Doors

We have to accept that we are Steel doors and windows are the real alternative for wooden door and windows. To be more precise it’s a maturity that human’s are attaining, like moving to eco-friendly, Innovation & efficiency.

Shell Doors – Brief (1 minute read)

Chennai based imported steel doors and windows supplier with all over India delivery. Shell door is ideal choice for civil engineers & construction professionals especially Chennai Customers enjoy free Shipping & free Installation. Shell door’s Residential steel doors for home are the much appreciated and ranked as a Top Security & Safety doors. 12-Multi Lock system, Frame inclusive, 7-keys with dye, lesser weight

Q - What is a steel door?

Steel doors are made of Galvanized steels which are free from rust & termites. Adds security to home and protects from burglary. Keep in mind these doors are no more only for commercial use. Also it don’t requires a Iron man suit to open and close

These steel doors are made of galvanized steel sheets with multiple layers as a infill, like polyurethane Steel Mesh in middle and honeycomb boards

Residential Steel doors comes with custom doors sizes

This picture would give you a detailed Idea about shell doors steel door features.

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We working forward to create awareness among common public about these types of doors

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