What type of door do I need?

Based on the placement:

Exterior doors:

Exterior or front doors allow entry and exit into the house. So as a result these doors are supposed to be sturdy and secure. They should resist outdoor conditions like weather and be moisture resistant. A good exterior door doesn’t bend or warp during change in temperature.

Interior doors:

Interior doors are placed inside your home. These doors don’t undergo weathering and exposure to outdoor conditions and needn’t be as tough as exterior doors. In most cases, they are just meant to placed as a visual barriers to rooms. The only time they need sturdy doors is when they need to offer extended security to safeguard personal belongings and items.

Based on the material:


Wood or timber is mainly used for interior doors. Timber doors are the trend and is a material that is very much common in residential projects. Since wood is natural, it aesthetically enhances the look offering natural insulation. But along with the elegance, comes a heavy price tag. Apart from the steep cost, their installation can be tricky as they have to be integrated with steel bolts and hinges.


Fibreglass offers a lot of flexibility as they can be moulded and fitted in various shapes. They offer high durability and are tough. Their usage is limited to external doors. They might not be aesthetically pleasing but are easy to maintain. Due to their low cost, they are a go-to option in the affordable housing sector.


Glass doors have only have two advantages: They give a pleasant, posh look and allow natural light through them. They are a good option for a see-through front open doors. Glass doors are prone to breakage and as a result offer less to no security. They are also heavy, fragile and too expensive.

Aluminium doors:

Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, weathering and other environmental factors. They are also lightweight which makes them a great option to use as an external doors. As of now, aluminium doors are primarily used commercially. They last long and easy to maintain.


Steel doors can be used both as interior and exterior doors. They have a high abrasive resistance, as in, they are less prone to external weather and moisture. Steel doors in residential buildings have a steel casing on top of a polyurethane material to bring down its weight and as well as provide a sturdy build. In most cases, they are not aesthetically appealing, but they come in different finishes and design. They are economical than wood.

Factors to consider while buying doors


How much you spend on a door depends on the features and the material of the door. Even if you don’t think twice to get the best appealing door, you need to ensure if you’re getting the right combination of durability and aesthetics for the price you pay. Do you want insulation? Is the door external or internal? Is it a single door or double door you’re looking for? How much you’re willing to spend must rely on the balance between longevity and the intended purpose. Situations like Termites Attack Control budget should also be considered


Privacy comes into a door based on its placement. You might want a door that offers you privacy but at the same time doesn’t block the natural light (i.e.Grill Steel Door). In that case, most people put up a transparent glass/fibre door with some sort of an adhesive film or something more aesthetically appealing like a linen curtains. Privacy of the door is completely your choice. If you’re a private person you might opt for a steel door


Future and timely maintenance of a door is overlooked while installing the door in the first place. You might consider obvious aspects such as the sturdiness and design and utility but often forget reflecting on extra money that would cost to ensure the door lasts long. The level of maintenance of a door might vary based on its relative exposure to moisture (water) and the rate of deterioration of its moving parts like swing etc. Another concern would be the material’s life. Various changing conditions come into play that decide how much you need to spend on maintenance.


The door you decide to put up has to be weather-resistant. A door is an external piece of hardware that will repeatedly be subjected to changing seasons and climatic conditions. Among popular options in between fibreglass, wood and steel, steel is the best suited to withstand the vagaries of the weather.

Ease of access:

Ease of access highlights the effort required in opening and closing a door. Accessibility to using a door depends on where the door is placed. If it is placed in a public space like a doorway to a conference hall or a store, getting in and out should be easy and a no-brainer. However, if it’s your house for your family meant for personal use, you can add required safety measures and accessories such as a Lock system to ensure the privacy and security of your family.


A door configuration refers to the front facing panel pattern of the entryway. A common configuration application might the The configuration of a door may be many like single open type or double open type. Sometimes, if you prefer to have a grander appeal, the door may have sidelites on both sides or just on the left or right. Though they may not have any practical applications, door configuration adds to the appeal and make better use of space.


The primary purpose of a door is security to safeguard your family from prying eyes of intruders. A lot of factors like material, lock system of the door come into play to ensure security. In that case, a galvanized steel door is apt since steel is sturdy and can withstand brute force and abrasion from weather. Moreover, or steel doors have a lock system with a 12-lock mechanism for added security.


With various materials now being available in the market, buyers are perplexed what material to use. You might usually go blindly with whatever your carpenter or Engineer asks you to, but it wouldn’t hurt to know for yourself what’s best for you. The material you use for your door depends upon the intended purpose of the door like interior, placement, low maintenance, security.

Energy efficiency:

Just like all electric appliances, doors have a certain Energy star rating that highlights its applicability and indicates it utility. In layman terms, energy efficiency says how well the door is functioning as a door after taking into consideration multiple attributes like air leakage, corrosion resistance, panel thickness etc.


Security is the core offering of a steel door. Unlike wooden doors, you just can’t kick your way in and can’t break in, even with tools. It’s resistant to strong impact forces. What adds to the sturdy steel is its infallible lock system. The lock system’s screw system

sample: solid strike plate fastened with at least 3-inch-long mounting screws that go into the framing beyond the jamb. [something of that sort]

Why choose a steel door?

Advantages of steel door:
  • Lesser weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdiness and durability
  • Recyclable
  • Resale value
  • Resistant to corrosion and weathering
Benefits of steel door:

If you’re thinking of buying a steel door from shell doors, here are the following advantages:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: We provide sturdier steel doors with the elegance of a wooden door that can adapt well with your Bedroom and as well as your kitchen
  • The core of the door is made of polyurethane, which has superior insulating values, meaning, you can maintain your home temperature just right no matter what the weather is outside.
  • Corrosion resistance. Unlike other steel doors, we supply only stainless steel doors that doesn’t react with moisture. You might notice this especially in the base of the door which gets corroded after being exposed to floor wash from the water getting in the clearance space between the floor and the door. Our stainless steel doors from Shell Doors are pretty resilient and don’t give in to corrosion.
  • Our Steel doors come in varying sizes to adapt to your fitting needs. Take a look at the dimensions of the steel door we offer below:
How steel doors are better than wooden doors:

No wonder wooden doors are the craze and the latest trend among home-owners. Even if steel door installation and maintenance is simple and hassle free, home builders recommend you wooden doors because that’s what they’re used to, and in the Indian market the cost breakdown is never ending from transport, GST, separate lock system, labour etc.
Simply put, you end up paying more money and end up compromising these following crucial things in a door.


Steel doors are more weather resistant and sturdier than wooden doors. Where wooden doors can crack, bend and warp under the weather (not to forget termite attack and peeling), steel doors aren’t affected by cracking or weather. In fact the galvanized steel doors with an additional coating of Zinc oxide is truly stainless so that you don’t have to worry about moisture corroding the surface of the doors. On top of that, we also ship varieties that are fire resistant up to 10 hours.


Every building has doors and what’s the point of a door if it isn’t secure?
For concerned homeowners, a steel door is the go-to solution to ensure the security of the property. still the Our steel doors revolve around security With our 12-lock system, which we ship directly without any additional charge, you can sleep in peace, rest assured by us.


Steel is the least expensive among the common options available out there like fibreglass, aluminium and wood. Per unit kg of steel is actually cheaper than wood. Wooden doors cost goes steeper when you want some designs which leads to carving charges.While you have to pay separately for the frame, door and the lock separately, at Shell doors, all you have to pay is one single price. Say a certain wooden door costs about 50k. The same door in steel with the same finish will cost you in between 30k-35k. Besides steel has a resale value.


Steel doors require little to no maintenance cost. Their weight is less, are easy to clean. Proper placement of hinges ensure that the base of the door doesn’t rub against the floor which is otherwise a source of concern in wooden doors which expand during rainy days and shrink in summer. Also, thanks to steel’s resale value, you can always upgrade to a better door without spending much.

Energy efficiency

Steel doors are not made completely of steel. If they had to be made entirely of steel then they would have been too heavy for residential door. Instead they have a foam type material which is better than a hollow core of a wooden door. This polyurethane material helps in insulation from the external temperature. This foam like polyurethane ensures that steel doors don’t mix up the air inside your home with the outside.


Steel doors are not just anymore placed outside as an exterior door. Considering how important you value security, they can be placed anywhere. You might think that steel doors are not much aesthetically appealing, but here at Shelldoors, we can provide the aesthetic finish of a wooden door s that your guests can’t distinguish between a steel door and wooden door. So the same appeal as a wooden door but much lighter and much cheaper–you’ll find it all in a steel door.

Steel Door Build


With Shelldoors, you can customize your door to fit a variety of sizes. Their versatility in size allows them to be used both as interior and exterior doors.

Sizes in Inche’s Sizes in MM
Width Height Width Height
30″ x 72 770 x 1850
34″ x 78 870 x 1990
38″ x 81 970 x 2060
40″ x 82 1070 x 2090
46″ x 81 1170 x 2060
60″ x 81 1570 x 2060
72″ x 81 1850 x 2060


A residential steel door is not completely made of steel. In that case, the weight would be too high to carry. Residential steel doors have just the exterior of the door made of stainless steel/ galvanized steel with and the interior of the door made of lightweight material. This is done to accrue the benefit of sturdiness of steel as well as keeping it lightweight.

To make the build of the doors more reliable, we generally embed a steel mesh in a polyurethane foam. This composite polyurethane-steel mesh composite is sandwiched between cold-rolled sheet on the either side making up the exterior. The final layer is finished with a final layer of PVC film as an added protection from external agents such as moisture. On top of this, based on our catalogue, you can choose your desired style and the finish

If you dissect a steel door you’d find something like this.

Steel door vs. Flush doors vs WPC Doors

Characteristic Flush doors WPC (Wood plastic composite) doors Steel doors
Suitability Mostly as interior doors Designer windows, almirahs, doors, and other home furnishing items Interior and exterior doors, but mostly exterior.
Ease of installation Easy Average Very Easy
Durability Moderate Medium durability, often used as a better substitute for plywood Highly durable
Material quality Based upon your Budget Made from a wood and plastic composite. Though the quality is exceptional, the shortcomings of wood and plastic start showing later on Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane foam & Steel Mesh
Strength Average Below Average Above Average
Cost Initial cost is less. However different High Economical
Ease of Maintenance High maintenance Low maintenance Low to no maintenance
Lifespan 15 to 25 years of maintenance free 6 Years of Maintenance free 40 Years of Maintenance free
Fire resistance No Yes (10 to 30 Minutes) Yes (Max to 60 hrs)
Weather resistance Poor weather resistant capabilities Water resistant, doesn’t corrode and decent weather resistant capabilities. Galvanized steel doors offer the highest form of resistant to weather and moisture
Termite resistance No Yes Yes
Temperature resistance Not resistant to temperature change. Bends and warps with varying temperature Doesn’t perform well against extreme temperature. Temperature resistance is low compared to wood. External Surface gets affected on extreme temperature & however it with stands the temperature & does passes over
Security Minimal security. Door is generally used as a visual/ mental barrier. Poor at Security Multi Lock Security System, Unbreakable Steel Layer

The Steel door buying process:

Steel door buying and installation is not as complicated as you think. Unlike wooden doors, you can save so much on additional costs like the frame, lock and carving designs on the door. The doors that we provide, everything including security, lock system, finish, all come under one cost.

And if you buy from shell doors, we guarantee you 12-month warranty, Free delivery and Free Installation

12 Months Warranty

Recommended by Engineers

70mm Thickness Door

3-step steel door buying process:

At Shelldoors we’ve brought down the process of buying doors down to three simple steps.

  • Choose the style you prefer
  • Note down wall clearance of entrance. Make sure to choose the wall clearance space and not the frame to frame width/height.
  • Choose door open type ie., left or right type opening.

And you’re good to go!

Take a look at the three step buying guide here

We guide you step by step through each phase so you take your time and we understand your needs. All purchases you make come with the Shelldoor Advantage that includes:

  • Free No-obligation quote
  • Detailed survey
  • Door fabrication
  • Door fitting
  • Service warranty

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