Steel doors

Things to Check before buying a Steel Door

Choosing a right steel door for home can be little difficult. Shell Doors helps you out in finding the right door for your safety.

Thankfully, you chose steel door to protect your family, valuable & our environment.

Short & Sweet:

1. Chose the purpose of the door (where you’re going to install the door)

  • Design Face required for Main door else not required for Room installation

2. Primary Material Used (Galvanized Steel or stainless steel)

  • Galvanized steel is economical & Stainless Steel is lot expensive

3. What are the door infill’s (Waste fillings? or Honeycomb & steel Mesh)

  • Waste infill’s as space filling, cannot add security & Honeycomb boards which adds less weight

4. Consider Weight, sometimes noise creation can be come early due to higher weight

  • Steel Doors varies as per sizes, like double door, etc..; surely weight less than Wooden Doors

5. Lock System & Frames – Steel Doors comes inclusive of Lock System & Respective frames

  • Multi Lock systems(2 to 12 locks) & frame(non/decorative frame) comes along with doors

6. Default Checklist to considered (ensure) to avoid few misses (Normal Advantages of Steel Door)

  • Termites, Weather proof, Fire proof, No.of keys, Door bell, Maintenance

7. Cost Details (GST, Delivery, Installation price)

  • 18% Tax for Steel doors, delivery charges to the specific location, Installation cost

8. How to claim warranty

  • Warranty Card or warranty period from date of purchase, ask for term and conditions.